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React Static

A progressive static-site generator for React.

React-Static is a fast, lightweight, and powerful framework for building static-progressive React applications and websites. It's been carefully designed to meet the highest standards of static-site performance, and user/developer experience.

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Device Registry

Senti.Cloud provides a Device Registry that helps you manage your devices. An entry in the Device Registry is the cloud-representation of a device or logical entity, the shadow of a device. It can be a physical device or sensor or it can also be a logical entity like an instance of an application.

Devices are identified by a name. Devices can also have attributes, which are name-value pairs you can use to store information about the Device, such as its serial number or manufacturer. Adding your devices to the Devices Registry allows you to manage and search for them more easily.

Did you know? Devices don't always need to be connected to a device. You can connect a thing to your computer, simulator, and more.